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 August 30, 2014

 HRBC is encouraging members to join the Kamloops Turf Club, there is going to be an AGM meeting on August 31st at 1:00 followed by a pig roast.  For more information contact Malcom Lynn at 250-571-8762


TCO2 testing will be done 20 minutes before each race

Helmets must be worn at all times with chin straps fastened

Talking on the track during races will not be tolerated

Claims will be announced to public when received

Breathalyzer - all officials, drivers and track maintenance staff to be tested each night

If a horse dies or is euthanized it must be reported

News from the HRBC Board of Director's meeting, August 12th

The Board members were asked to make a lot of tough decisions, change is always a tough thing to accept, the Board is trying to move forward in a few areas, marketing, horse welfare, code of conduct, etc. etc.

Mixed Sale:

We did not reach our required 15 yearlings to rent the Show Barn, plans are being made to have a mixed sale in the paddock in November.

2015 Stakes Program

The Board approved to revamp the 2015 stakes program (Breeder's stakes excluded).  An attempt in trying to encourage the movement and purchasing of horses in Western North America, conditions of the stakes may be dependent on Alberta opening some of their stakes program to BC horses.


$10,000 guaranteed eliminations and $75,000 finals (each sex)     April 2015


$10,000 guaranteed eliminations and $50,000 finals (each sex)     April 2015

2 YEAR OLD FILLIES & 2 YEAR OLD COLTS                                   Nov 2015

$35,000 each sex, to be raced in divisions

More details to follow, all dollar values based on dollar allocations.

Broodmare Bonus Cutoff:      2015     6 years and younger

                                                   2016     5 years & younger

Broodmare purchase program:

The Standardbred industry received $25,000 from unused marketing funds, this money must be used to improve the breeding sector.

The Board approved a $25,000 budget to buy broodmares at the Harrisburg 2014 sale to be resold in BC, mares should be 10 years and younger.

After another lengthy discussion, the Board approved a program that the HRBC office will invoce the owners monthly for drives of horses finishing sixth to last.  The existing dollar values will be used, the Dirver will be given a statment and it is the owners responsibility to pay the driver.

Monthly with Fraser Downs Management

HRBC representatives had an information session with Fraser Downs Management last week and here are some of the points that were discussed:

The following tasks will be completed before racing starts:  6 - 8 inches will be taken off the track, inside ditches will be dug out, access ramps to the track will be shaved down, potholes filled in and the infield grass will be mowed.

A very strict smoking policy in the barns will be enforced immediately.

HRBC and FD will be working together to come up with a policy to remove items in the barns and outside the barns for fire safety.

HRBC and FD will be working together to create a horse welfare document.

Upcoming dates to keep in mind:

Thursday, September 4  Fraser Downs live racing at 6:00

Friday, September 5  Fraser Downs live racing at 7:00

There will be a race named for Steve Petrachuck on opening night. 

HRBC backstretch OPEN HOUSE is Saturday, September 13th.  Plans are well on their way and thanks to everyone in advance for volunteering.

Until next time.....




Wall of Memory- The Board of Director's would like to update the "Wall of Memory", please let the office know the persons name and year of passing.



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Important Announcement

2014 Mixed Sale - November 27th - Cancelled

Due to insufficient entries, the Mixed Sale has been cancelled, a date to reschedule for a mixed sale in the paddock is in progress.  More news to follow...

Other racing industries looking out for themselves....


The word is out......Standardbred Canada has just released the details on their website : Racing at Desert Park in Osoyoos, please follow link to see story.

A Racing First For Canada?


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