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 July 18, 2014

 Great News!!!

On behalf of Harness Racing BC I would like to thank Ed James and his company, S S G Gloves, for making a large donation to the Backstretch Benevolent Fund at Fraser Downs.

After the recent success of McWicked winning the Hempt Stake at Pocono, Ed called me and wanted to do something for BC racing which of course is where McWicked's Trainer, Casie Coleman, was born and raised.

Ed knew the fundraisers had done well for the recent fire in Langley so he came up with the Benevolent Fund idea which will help people from the backstretch at Fraser Downs that may be down on their luck.

Thanks, Ed, S S G Gloves and McWicked


I am sure most of you have heard by now that there is gong to be a Standardbred video shoot at Fraser Downs, July 30th.

Please attend an information session in the track kitchen on Tuesday, July 22nd at 5:00 for detailed information.  We need a lot of volunteers to do different aspects of the shoot throughout the day on the 30th.

Update with regards to standardbred racing in the interior of BC.

We are still plugging along with the realities of racing in Osoyoos.  Vernon had already been cancelled before the grandstand fire that took place.

The major drawback to racing in Oysoyoos, in my opinion, is the fact Osoyoos has a deep sandy Thoroughbred track and what can we do in a hour to make it Standardbred horse friendly?  Any suggestions!!!

There are a lot of hurdles to cross and patience needed but an interior standardbred circuit for 2015, Hmmmmmm???

The hot topic of HRBC absorbing the drivers fees from 6th to last place continues, I will report if there are any changes.

Joe Gray reports scraping six inches off the track and filling potholes in the backstretch will take place in the next two weeks.


The board approved a marketing proposal put forward by Jerome Bouvier.  This plan is very volunteer geared and we must all get involved to sell Standardbred racing to everyone in BC and in particular the lower mainland.

Some of the highlights include:  new HRBC logo and website, branding of Standardbred racing, printed and video material to showcase Standardbred racing, social media presence, new membership opportunities, etc., etc.

There will be lots of opportunities to volunteer your services, hopefully we can also bring in friends that might have something to offer even if they are not involved in the industry.  Stay tuned!!!

Nice to see a new fresh coat of paint going on in the track kitchen.  We haven't heard what the future plans are but will let you know as soon as we hear something.

I have lots of updates this time as things are happening behind the scenes.

Rule Changes Pertaining To Standardbred Racing:

Horses that are normally coupled, should there be fewer than 7 betting interests (before uncoupling) entered in any race, except for the lowest claiming price, may race uncoupled.

30 day qualifying rule has been changed to 45 days.

Judges may allow in to go horsesto be re-entered.

2 trailers shall be permitted in overnight races


The HRBC scholarship application form is on the website, the application deadline is now AUGUST 15TH

Mixed sale is November 27th in the show barn.  Yearling deadline is July 31st, entry fee $150, withdrawal fee $200.  We must have 15 yearlings consigned for this venue or other options will be pursued.

6 to last position Drivers fee:

The Board approved a motion that due to financial pressures of the industry, HRBC will be withdrawing from the Driver's fee policy which pays Driver's fees from 6th to last position.

2015 Breeders Stake Purse Budget:

I am sure most of you know there is a review going on with regards to all Breeder's programs.  Depending on funding the budget for the 2015 Breeder's Stake purses are:

2 year olds     4 legs @ $20,000 ($15,000/div)     Final $75,000

3 year olds     4 legs @ $20,000 ($15,000/div)     Final $100,000

We are still looking for all kinds of volunteers, if you think you can help Standardbred racing in BC please let the HRBC office or any Director which area you might like to help!!!

Until next time.....




Wall of Memory- The Board of Director's would like to update the "Wall of Memory", please let the office know the persons name and year of passing.



Important Applications/Forms: 




Mark Your Calendar


Important Announcement


During the board meeting of June 10, 2014 the Directors announced that HRBC will be offering a Mixed Sale on the evening of Thursday, November 27th for an  entry fee of $150.00. Please be advised that there will be no stake attached to this sale.  If you are interested in entering your horse, please contact Diane Pennington at the HRBC office.

Note:  A minimum of 15 yearlings are needed to continue with the sale. Deadline to enter is July 31, 2014.



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