How to Prepare for a Horse Ride

It requires a long investment to prepare even for an evening ride with a horse. The horse must be very much prepared in order to be prepared to be mounted. At that point, even when your ride is done, you are not done, in light of the fact that the horse still needs more care. Here are the means you should take each time you go riding.

How to Prepare for a Horse Ride
How to Prepare for a Horse Ride

In the event that it is Spring, and the horse is shedding, first utilize the shedding edge and scope it along the horse’s body toward the horse’s hair. You should stop and tidy the hair up of it at regular intervals. Try not to utilize this brush on the head and legs and go softly finished the hard ranges. Just utilize this brush in the Spring.

Go over your horse with an elastic curry comb. Move it in little circles, evacuating any free hair and dirt alongside the skin. It additionally rubs the horse’s muscles. Push harder over the significant muscles, for example, the rump. Go gentler over the hard zones, for example, the spine. NEVER utilize a curry comb on a horses legs, unless they have mud or earth crusted on. On the horse’s head don’t utilize this brush at any cost!

Utilize the hardened brush. Move it toward the hair in long strokes finishing with a flick of the brush. Again, go delicately on the hard regions. You may utilize this brush tenderly if necessary on the legs. Try not to utilize this brush on the head, as it will be cruel to do so.

Utilize the delicate brush next. Run with the hair in long strokes. Utilize the delicate brush everywhere throughout the horse’s body and face. This catches all the dirt and hair that the previous brushes were unable to remove.

Pick the horse’s hooves. To do this, you get the horse’s foot and pick the soil, fertilizer and stones from the sides. Try not to do this in the event that you are unpracticed at it! On the off chance that you are experienced you presumably recognize what to do. In the event that you are not, get assistance from an expert horse owner a few times until the point when you realize what to do.

Utilize a mane and tail brush to tenderly back out any tangles and pods in the horse’s mane and tail. Begin at the base of the hair and gradually work up to the top. You may need to utilize mane and tail de-tangler. While doing the horse’s tail don’t stand specifically behind the horse, as the horse can’t see you. Take the tail and force it to the side. Remain on either side of the horse’s body as you work.

All of these steps aren’t just limited to preparing your horse for the horse ride but even yourself. There are some things you ought to do as well, …

Exercising Better for Your Horse Racing

Horse racing can be tough or easy depending on how prepared you are. If you are really serious about horse racing, you will have to do a lot of exercise and that will mean incorporating other forms of exercises in your schedule. Going to the race unfit is not only bad in terms of losing the race but will also cost your body back pains. Sometime the pain may be immense and may take a long time to recover. One of the simple and effective things you can incorporate in your exercise routine is a pull up bar. It will make sure that your upper body is well toned and exercised and that will prevent you from back pain and other complications you may get from the race.

Exercising Better for Your Horse Racing

Types of pull up bars

There are many types of pull up bars and it is important to know about them in order to make an informed choice on which one will be the best one for you. There are four main types of pull up bars, wall mounted bars, ceiling mounted bars, and door mounted bars and free standing pull up bars. They got their names depending on how they can be used. With wall mounted bars you have to mount them on the wall in order to be used, ceiling it is mounted on the ceiling, door it is mounted on the door frames and free standing it can stand on its own. They are all good it depends on how you plan to use them and the amount of space you have available.

How to choose a pull up bar

There are several factors that you should consider in choosing a pull up bar to get one that will best suit your needs. Some of the factors to consider include:


The amount of space you have available will detect the kind of pull up bar that will be best suitable for your needs. Different pull up bars have different space requirements for example the door mounted bar will occupy the least space while the free standing bar will occupy the most space.

Your kind of exercises

The kind of exercises you are planning on doing will affect the kind of pull up bar that you will need. Some bars will limit you to only some kind of exercise while some will give you the freedom of doing many exercises. For example with the freestanding bar you can also do pushups which you will not be able to do from a door mounted bar.

Your weight

What you weigh will have an influence on the kind of bar that will be appropriate for you. Most pull up bars will have a manual with the weight restrictions and that will help you know which bar is good for your weight.


As much as it is not a requirement, there are some pull up bars that will come with additional features such as pads, gloves, weights and …

The Therapeutic Benefits of Photography

There are a lot of people who feel that photography is merely a hobby, something that people can do when they want to pass time. Have you ever tried to think about photography as something else? As a form of therapy, for example? Some people have reported that they have used photography in order to get through some of the darkest moments in their lives.

People who become disabled normally go through bouts of depression because they have not fully accepted yet that the things they were able to do before cannot be done now. They are still adjusting to the second life that they were allowed to live and it is not always easy.

The Therapeutic Benefits of Photography

Some people still do not understand the concept of photo therapy until they read some details about it and until they have tried it out. These are some of the usual reasons why photo therapy works:

  • It will require people to be in the outside world, to be one with nature. Nature is always known to have a healing effect on people.
  • You are going to look at things in a completely different manner. When you are behind the lens, you will have the tendency to change the way that you look at the things around you. Things that you have taken for granted will have a whole new meaning now.
  • You begin to look for and find beauty in various parts of the world.

It is normal that you are going to start looking for beauty within the area where you live. If you think that your family members are beautiful, you can take pictures of them. There are moments when they are able to show their true selves when they are most unguarded and they become even more beautiful in your eyes.

In order to start taking photos, it is important that a person has the right equipment ready. A Nikon D3300 will be great to have but what will make it even easier to use is if it would come with Nikon D3300 lenses. There are different ones available and these ones can provide different effects when used. People can always try out the different lenses before they purchase.

These are the other things that you can expect to get when you start doing photography as some sort of therapy:

  1. You allow yourself to express your thoughts and words through the pictures that you take.
  2. When you take photographs, you normally get positive feedback from other people. When you are feeling down and you feel that everything that you are doing is not going exactly as planned, this can be very important for you to experience.
  3. Through photography, you allow yourself to form new bonds with other people. This can be particularly helpful especially if you feel like you have no one to turn to during your bouts of depression.
  4. Through photography, you can link the items that you take pictures of to the things that you are going through. You
Top Benefits of Therapeutic Horseback Riding For Disabled

Horseback riding is one of the sports or hobbies with the most therapy benefits to disabled people.  Horse riding is one of the best ways to provide disabled people with freedom of movement.  For the short while on horseback they had complete control over where they are going, how fast they go and riding is an ultimate pleasure.  Therapy riding also has a lot of physical benefits, psychological benefits, social benefits and educational benefits to anyone that enjoys this activity.

Top Benefits of Therapeutic Horseback Riding For Disabled

Physical benefits of therapy riding

Horse riding involves a lot more exercise than you might think.  Your body is constantly working to maintain good balance and the rhythmical movement of horses simulates walking which is excellent for those with mobility problems.  Therapeutic riding includes a lot of physical benefits such as muscle strengthening, coordination improvement, stretching, spasticity exercises, improved circulation, sensory integration and even improved appetite and digestion. The therapy riding is excellent for overall physical health improvement.

Psychological benefits of therapy riding

Of course therapy riding also has a lot of psychological benefits to physically challenged individuals such as a boost in self-confidence, stimulated interest and engagement, higher risk taking abilities, self-discipline, emotional control and much more.  It is also great fun to ride a horse and it is the one physical activity that just about anyone with mobility problems can easily enjoy.

Social benefits of therapy riding

Therapy sessions can be enjoyed individually or in a group.  Group sessions is often much better for creating new friendships, for new experiences and for more enjoyment but individual sessions still has terrific social benefits because the rider learns to interact with the instructor, learns to be more aware of animal needs and the entire riding experience is terrific for boosting adventure interest.

Educational benefits of therapy riding

Therapy riding is extremely educational.  Riders learn a lot about animals; animal care and they also improve hand and eye coordination, visual perception and develop motor planning skills as well as math counting skills because most therapy instructors put a lot of focus on counting steps, objects and more during the rides so riders can get the maximum therapy benefit from each and every session.

The ultimate must have for anyone with mobility problems

Horseback riding is often considered as freedom to those that find it hard to move around on their own but these sessions are often short lived.  A good quality electric wheelchair is an absolute must for anyone with mobility issues because these terrific disability devices mean freedom even off the horse.  Electric wheelchairs make it possible for disabled people to move around freely on their own through a remote control.  This is especially handy to those that find it difficult to operate a normal manual wheelchair although plenty of paraplegics benefit a lot from electric wheelchairs because they can move around more freely without constantly feeling strained and these wheelchairs are excellent for taking on long distances without getting too tired.

Common injuries in horseback riding

Horse riding injuries are a common occurrence, whether you’re a learner or a professional. They are mostly caused by riding, although they could also be caused by riding for too long. These injuries could lead one off a horse and onto a wheelchair, and that is the reason why it is very important for people to be very careful when on horseback. In this article, we are going to look at some of the common injuries in horseback riding, some of which might land you in a wheelchair. Remember, a horse is a horse, and there isn’t a safe one, although some are safer than others.

The upper extremities are the highest, coming with 24% to 61% of injuries, while the lower extremities come second with a frequency of 36% to 40%. The head and the face also get horse injuries at a frequency of 20%. Soft tissue injuries are the most common injuries, coming in with a ratio of 92:1, while fractures come in next with a ratio of 57:3. In the most common types of injuries, concussions come in third with a ratio of 63:2.

Common injuries in horseback riding
Common injuries in horseback riding

When it comes to hospitalization, the most frequent cause is concussion, followed closely by fractures. Injury to the central nervous system is the most common injury, occurring mostly at an age of less than 21 years. According to studies, though, injuries amongst the younger people has decreased, instead shifting to those in the age of 24 years and above. The same report says that more women are injured than men, but when they get to the age of 44 years, the men take over. When it comes to deaths, head injuries lead as the main cause, followed by chest injuries. In order for us to prevent these accidents and injuries from happening, we need to use knowledge that was gotten from previous horse studies.

Best rated electric power wheelchairs 2017

In the event that you actually get injured and require a wheelchair, we are going to review some of the electric wheelchairs that you can use as you recuperate.

EZ Lite Cruiser Standard

Manufactured from long lasting lightweight aluminum alloy, weighing 50 pounds with the battery, the EZ Lite Cruiser Standard wheelchair is able to carry a passenger weighing 264 pounds. It comes with 250 Watt Brushless HUB motors that power the 8″ rear rubber wheels for superb traction. When the battery is fully charged, this wheelchair can go for 10 miles driving distance. To add to the distance, you can attach another battery. The joystick can be mounted on wither arm rest.


  • Simple set-up
  • Transportable
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent customer service


  • Unsuitable for grass and gravel
  • Wheels do wear over time

EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX10

This is the excellent wheelchair for comfort and back support, and even has 5 reclining positions for the user to choose from. When fully charged, the battery can drive for 10 miles with the 7.5″ diameter and 2″ …

Muscle Up So You Can Handle Your Horse Better

Horses are wonderful, majestic and powerful creatures.  Their inner strength is just as powerful as those strong bulking muscles and horses can be tough to care for if you don’t have the muscle to keep your horse healthy and groomed.  It would also be a terrible shame if you have a marvelous four legged beast with broad shoulders and a great frame but you yourself seem timid and tawny as you ride your gorgeous horse.  Most horse owners and especially horse breeders are muscular for good reason and that is because managing and maintaining your horse is hard work.  The washing, grooming, feeding, cleaning of the stables and riding all takes quite a lot of effort.  If you want to provide your horse the care it needs then it is time to muscle up by hitting the gym.

Give Trenbolone a try

Your first excuse is probably going to be that you have already tried hitting the gym but didn’t get any good bodybuilding and muscle strengthening results.  Well, you are not alone.  There are plenty of men and women out there whose bodies simply won’t bulk up no matter what diet they follow and no matter how much they work out.  Tren steroid or Trenbolone alternatives is just what you need in your life because this supplement will give you great bodybuilding and muscle strengthening results in much less time.  Those that use this steroid can see good results within just a few weeks and once you have the desired results, you can choose to discontinue use by going on a post-cycle therapy that will kickstart your body’s natural testosterone production.

Muscle Up So You Can Handle Your Horse Better

Ask a professional for a workout program

No steroid will ever give you good results on its own.  In fact, using steroids without working out can have an opposite effect and can cause you to become obese.  You need to ask a professional to create a good workout program that matches your level and body type perfectly so you can get good results quickly.

Follow a diet program

The word ‘diet’ is often misunderstood.  Everyone seems to think that you are planning on losing weight when you diet but there are plenty of diets that are designed to help you gain weight and bulk up those muscles.  These bulking diets usually involve eating a lot of proteins and natural fats.  Get a health expert to create a good diet that will help you bulk up quicker.

Work towards a goal

A horse rider should have powerful, strong but lean muscles.  You don’t want to bulk up so much your horse wont’ be able to carry you and you don’t want to become too slow to manage a wild horse properly.  Remember to inform your diet and workout instructors of your ideal body goal so they can create a suitable program for you.  With the right program you will quickly bulk and firm up, your body will become toned and gorgeous faster and with a lean and muscular body …

Top Ways to Improve Your Home Life on a Ranch

Ranch life is much healthier than town or city life because you breathe much cleaner air and there is much less stress in your life since you are exposed to less traffic, less people and have a general quitter and calmer life.  But there is always room for improvement whether you live on a ranch or in the big city.  The smallest improvements in your home can have the biggest health and personal benefits to you and is a must if you want to enjoy the ultimate life of luxury on your ranch.  Here are the top home improvements that can make life on the ranch so much better;

Top Ways to Improve Your Home Life on a Ranch

Get a water softener

98% of people in cities have hard water and ranches are almost guaranteed to have hard water especially if your water sources from a borehole.  Hard water makes home life a lot harder than it can be because it causes unnecessary staining in tubs, sinks, chrome items, fabrics and it leaves a lot of hard water spots on all of your glassware which makes your ranch seem a bit dirty.  Hard water is also terrible for your personal health because all of the minerals and toxins that you consume can make your hair fall out, stain your teeth and even cause other more serious medical conditions.  A water softener can transform your life on the ranch for the better much easier than you may think.  Modern water softeners are simply added to the main water supply and will filter your entire home’s water with hardly any maintenance on your side at all.  When your water is softer you can enjoy more time on horse riding and spend less time on cleaning your home which is terrific for the ultimate ranch life.  Click here to read about Fleck water softener reviews and ratings.

Get a good internet service provider

Just because you are enjoying the quiet life does not mean you don’t want to keep in touch with family and friends.  Ranch owners have a much greater need for a good and fast internet connection than anyone else because they need to shop online more often since goods are so much harder to come by.  Plus there is nothing more frustrating than a slow connection.  Get a good and fast internet connection so you can be calmer and more relaxed while you enjoy the simple life.

Invest in a good home cooling and heating system

Living out in the open can be a lot tougher on your body than living in a city because when there are fewer buildings to absorb heat, the temperatures can fluctuate much more which means chillier mornings and nights and hotter days for you.  A good home heating and cooling system is a great way to overcome these fluctuations so you can be more comfortable when you take a break from riding your horse or tending to your ranch.  You and your family will also be a lot healthier on the ranch …

Horse rider outfits look fantastic and elegant.  Those white or tan pants are always great for showing off your natural curves, that tight jacket always makes you look super professional while you are parading around on your high horse and who doesn’t love those gorgeous knee high boots?  But your fantastic horse outfit is probably keeping you away from a lot of freedom and might just be causing you a lot of unnecessary pain.  It is time to give sports wear a try the next time you are going for a long and fun ride.


Try compression clothing

More and more people are realizing the benefits of compression garments and starting to replace their casual wear, sportswear and even office wear for this type of clothing.  Compression clothing is basically a tight fitting type of garment that has the following benefits;

Improved blood circulation – Different garments have different degrees of compression which is specifically created to target different parts of your body and promote blood flow to these areas.

Relieve pain – Applying pressure to joints and knees adds support to these areas so the pain will be relieved when you move a lot.

Protects muscles – The added support supplied by compression clothing gives and the extra warmth help protect your muscles from injuries.

Promotes healing – When blood circulation is promoted and added support is given to certain parts of your body these areas are promoted and will heal a lot faster.



Types of compression clothing for riders

There are tons of different types of compression garments currently on the market because sports men and women from just about any sports type have started using these compression garments to improve their performance and reduce pain.  The compression outfits that you should definitely give a go when you enjoy riding your horse includes;

Compression sleeves – These sleeves are loose sleeves are tight fitting and acts as a second skin. You can wear them under any warm jacket or top or with your summer shirts.  The blood flow will be stimulated in your arms so you can maintain good posture for longer.  You can find more benefits of wearing compression sleeves here.

Compression pants – These pants can be worn underneath a set of winter pants or on their own depending on the thickness of the material.  Compression pants are available in various colors and designs and will give you added support in your legs and protect you while riding your horse.

Compression socks – Your feet can go numb so easy when you are riding a horse.  Compression socks and pants are just what you need to keep the blood flowing all the way to your tippy toes.


With better blood flow through your body you can withstand longer riding durations or greater impact during training sessions on your horse.  Compression clothing is also incredibly durable and will add protection to your delicate skin in case of a bad fall.  With these …