How to Start Your Mornings on a Range Right

It is important for you to start your mornings the right way, especially when you live on a range where it is up to you to keep things in tact and up and running.  Ranges are gorgeous. There are all of those beautiful horses to see and care for, there is wide opens where you can take a walk or a horse ride and there are some days that just seem too quiet and simple for hard work.  It is ok to take an occasional break or off day to enjoy your ranch but you also have to be incredibly careful because before you know it a week will have gone by where you haven’t done that much at all and your ranch will suffer for it.

How to Start Your Mornings on a Range Right

Rise early

Getting up early is a must for ranch owners because you can fit so much more into your day when you start early and you feel a lot more energized.  It is important to get in plenty of rest during the night but the more you sleep the more your body wants to sleep.  And the more you sleep the grouchier and more tiered you feel.

Drink good quality coffee

There is nothing better than coffee to wake you from your slumber and to improve your energy levels.  But to start your day right you need the right kind of coffee and there is nothing better tasting in the early morning than a steaming cup of French press coffee.  To enjoy the best coffee in the world you should definitely get one of the best French presses because these presses makes coffee brewing super easy, super quick and super tasty.

Eat a power breakfast

A power breakfast is a must if you want to feel good and if you want to have good energy levels for the day.  If you are someone who needs to be out of the house early in the morning then a few health risks with your French coffee is a great way to start your morning.  There are also some great breakfast recipes that you can make the night before such as overnight oats or yoghurt which you can simply grab out of the fridge and enjoy.  Yummy energy packed toast with a protein rich egg on the side is also a fantastic and easy meal that you can prepare in minutes if you prefer something warm on a cold winter morning.

Eat outside even if it is cold

People who live on a range are privileged.  They can step outside their front door at any given moment and enjoy glorious sunrises and beautiful landscapes with no noisy neighbors to watch their every move.  Eating your breakfast outside is a great way to help you take in the gorgeous natural landscapes and the fresh morning air is excellent for getting you vitalized and ready for the day.  When you are focused and ready you will work hard and keep your range in tippy top shape so you can continue enjoying it as much as possible.