Get Ready to Barrel Race at Diamonds & Dirt

Horse lovers and skilled riders of all kinds enjoy barrel racing. Kristi Schiller of Schiller Ranch is the founder of Diamonds & Dirt. It is one of the largest barrel races in the world. Since there’s almost a million dollars in cash and prizes offered each April, it’s no wonder that they draw a crowd. You’d probably love to get ready to barrel race at Diamonds & Dirt!

Diamonds & Dirt is quite a title for a barrel race. Historically, barrel racing was a woman’s sport, so we suspect Moti Ferder would support the old adage, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” since he’s the president and design director of Lugano diamonds. It’s one of the finest jewelers in the world. Perhaps some of his designs could be incorporated into winner’s saddles making the race for the win all the more exciting at Diamonds & Dirt. That would give new racers something to work toward for sure.

Get Ready to Barrel Race at Diamonds & Dirt

Tips for Barrel Racing Beginners

Those who participate at Diamonds & Dirt are professional barrel racers who have invested tons of time working their horses and themselves. But, that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible dream for beginners. Everyone has to start somewhere. Therefore, here are some tips for barrel racing beginners:

  • Pick a horse. Lineage, when it comes to horses, can give you an idea about agility and speed. Inspect your horse to ensure that its legs are straight. Also check flexibility and its hooves. Don’t forget that temperament is almost as important as physical health. Just as some added info for you, these horses are best for short bursts of high speeds: paints, pintos, and quarter horses.
  • Exercise the horse. Take it on long trots to build up lung capacity. You should condition your horse at least three days a week taking him/her on six-eight mile fast paced rides. You want to build its racer stamina. Also, practice riding in circles and figure eights to help the horse’s precision during the race.
  • Buy tack. Sports boots are great for injury protection and ear plugs can help keep the horse focused. Obviously, you will need a bridle and bit so that you can guide the horse. Get a barrel racing saddle which has a deep seat and short skirt. You might want a saddle blanket, but remember that getting the proper saddle is key to providing you with stability while riding. Learn more about saddles.
  • Remain anchored in your saddle. When riders flop around in the saddle they hamper the horse’s balance and pull on its bit. Rider’s bodies need to lean forward, slightly, in a race and their heels must be pushing down in the stirrup around turns. Practice body alignment when in the saddle as well.
  • Slow your speed at the barrels. Look at the area around the barrel, not the barrel itself. They call this a pocket. Say “whoa” and apply weight to the heels in the stirrups to slow down. Then speed
Quality Grooming Time With Your Horse!

For centuries horses have been portrayed as the majestic animals of all times. When vehicles were introduced, they made the horses to become a mere part of the story books, lives of prince and princesses in fairy tales. Nevertheless, the horse is one of the most loved animals around the world. Although they can be kept as a pet yet, they are costly, and they are high-maintenance.  However, you will find horse racing and polo a ubiquitous entertainment for upper-class.

You will find celebrities going to horse racing for charities, or they do it for their entertainment. From the TMZ website, you can find out about your favorite celebrities’ whereabouts like Stephen Collins and others. If you are in the same city, then you can keep track of where they are right now so you can get a chance to meet the people that you admire from behind the screens only. Furthermore, you can keep up-to-date with all the scandals and the latest gossips. Not only you can find out about your favorite celebrities, but the websites also give you all the information about the current events and infotainment. If you are interested in staying updated about the different scenarios related to Stephen’s allegations, TMZ is the right site. You can access it on your phone or laptop at any time to catch the latest gossips.

Quality Grooming Time With Your Horse!

Horse maintenance and grooming are very hard. If you are trying to convince your parents to buy horses, with the argument that you will take care of it, you are soon going to find out that you lied. It is ideal to get a horse and keep it in the stables and a caretaker that will manage all its needs. Still, if you would like to groom your horse, here are few tips that might be helpful for you:

  1. Getting Started:

Before starting anything, it is ideal to prepare everything that you need for grooming of your horse. Secure your horse in the desired spot and organize all your tools. Make sure you have it all with you before starting. You will find that you are enjoying your time with your horse, and your pet love to be groomed.

Moreover, you will find significant benefits in grooming your horse. You can check for injuries, sores, irritations, and other necessities. Bear in mind that grooming of your horse is vital and it is recommended to do every once in a while, especially before riding it.

  1. Clean The Hooves:

 Always remember to keep an eye on your horse’s hooves and clean them regularly. To clean the feet start with the forelegs and slide your hand down. Gently squeeze the back of the leg and call out to your horse to raise its legs as you have trained it. Clean through the hooves thoroughly with brushes or whatever tool you have. After you are done the cleaning, you must ensure to check for cracks, or any damage or allergies and work further accordingly. Gently …

Common injuries in horseback riding

Horse riding injuries are a common occurrence, whether you’re a learner or a professional. They are mostly caused by riding, although they could also be caused by riding for too long. These injuries could lead one off a horse and onto a wheelchair, and that is the reason why it is very important for people to be very careful when on horseback. In this article, we are going to look at some of the common injuries in horseback riding, some of which might land you in a wheelchair. Remember, a horse is a horse, and there isn’t a safe one, although some are safer than others.

The upper extremities are the highest, coming with 24% to 61% of injuries, while the lower extremities come second with a frequency of 36% to 40%. The head and the face also get horse injuries at a frequency of 20%. Soft tissue injuries are the most common injuries, coming in with a ratio of 92:1, while fractures come in next with a ratio of 57:3. In the most common types of injuries, concussions come in third with a ratio of 63:2.

Common injuries in horseback riding
Common injuries in horseback riding

When it comes to hospitalization, the most frequent cause is concussion, followed closely by fractures. Injury to the central nervous system is the most common injury, occurring mostly at an age of less than 21 years. According to studies, though, injuries amongst the younger people has decreased, instead shifting to those in the age of 24 years and above. The same report says that more women are injured than men, but when they get to the age of 44 years, the men take over. When it comes to deaths, head injuries lead as the main cause, followed by chest injuries. In order for us to prevent these accidents and injuries from happening, we need to use knowledge that was gotten from previous horse studies.

Best rated electric power wheelchairs 2017

In the event that you actually get injured and require a wheelchair, we are going to review some of the electric wheelchairs that you can use as you recuperate.

EZ Lite Cruiser Standard

Manufactured from long lasting lightweight aluminum alloy, weighing 50 pounds with the battery, the EZ Lite Cruiser Standard wheelchair is able to carry a passenger weighing 264 pounds. It comes with 250 Watt Brushless HUB motors that power the 8″ rear rubber wheels for superb traction. When the battery is fully charged, this wheelchair can go for 10 miles driving distance. To add to the distance, you can attach another battery. The joystick can be mounted on wither arm rest.


  • Simple set-up
  • Transportable
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent customer service


  • Unsuitable for grass and gravel
  • Wheels do wear over time

EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX10

This is the excellent wheelchair for comfort and back support, and even has 5 reclining positions for the user to choose from. When fully charged, the battery can drive for 10 miles with the 7.5″ diameter and 2″ …

Muscle Up So You Can Handle Your Horse Better

Horses are wonderful, majestic and powerful creatures.  Their inner strength is just as powerful as those strong bulking muscles and horses can be tough to care for if you don’t have the muscle to keep your horse healthy and groomed.  It would also be a terrible shame if you have a marvelous four legged beast with broad shoulders and a great frame but you yourself seem timid and tawny as you ride your gorgeous horse.  Most horse owners and especially horse breeders are muscular for good reason and that is because managing and maintaining your horse is hard work.  The washing, grooming, feeding, cleaning of the stables and riding all takes quite a lot of effort.  If you want to provide your horse the care it needs then it is time to muscle up by hitting the gym.

Give Trenbolone a try

Your first excuse is probably going to be that you have already tried hitting the gym but didn’t get any good bodybuilding and muscle strengthening results.  Well, you are not alone.  There are plenty of men and women out there whose bodies simply won’t bulk up no matter what diet they follow and no matter how much they work out.  Tren steroid or Trenbolone alternatives is just what you need in your life because this supplement will give you great bodybuilding and muscle strengthening results in much less time.  Those that use this steroid can see good results within just a few weeks and once you have the desired results, you can choose to discontinue use by going on a post-cycle therapy that will kickstart your body’s natural testosterone production.

Muscle Up So You Can Handle Your Horse Better

Ask a professional for a workout program

No steroid will ever give you good results on its own.  In fact, using steroids without working out can have an opposite effect and can cause you to become obese.  You need to ask a professional to create a good workout program that matches your level and body type perfectly so you can get good results quickly.

Follow a diet program

The word ‘diet’ is often misunderstood.  Everyone seems to think that you are planning on losing weight when you diet but there are plenty of diets that are designed to help you gain weight and bulk up those muscles.  These bulking diets usually involve eating a lot of proteins and natural fats.  Get a health expert to create a good diet that will help you bulk up quicker.

Work towards a goal

A horse rider should have powerful, strong but lean muscles.  You don’t want to bulk up so much your horse wont’ be able to carry you and you don’t want to become too slow to manage a wild horse properly.  Remember to inform your diet and workout instructors of your ideal body goal so they can create a suitable program for you.  With the right program you will quickly bulk and firm up, your body will become toned and gorgeous faster and with a lean and muscular body …

Take the best pictures of your horse with these tips

We all love our pets and being able to take awesome photographs of them and keeping them for years to come is a pleasure. It is especially true with horses. Horses photograph beautifully and can make beautiful portraits to adorn your home with. With the right angle and lighting you can take a fantastic picture and enjoy it forever. There are many ways to capture a shot and paying for a photographer is one of them. It is however expensive to pay for professional photographs. If you are lucky enough to own a horse you would want to display its beauty and show off to friends and family. By using a few tactics you will be able to take the most beautiful shots with no difficulty. You don’t have to have formal training to take beautiful photos. Click here to take a look at some of the best cameras you can use for amateur photography.

Take the best pictures of your horse with these tips

First of all you have to capture your horse’s character with your camera. You should find it grazing, wandering or just in action and make sure you take natural shots. With the right angle you can freeze the action by making sure you have your camera on hand at the right time. You can take the most interesting shots filled with personality if you get it just right. For this it might be necessary to take more pictures often. There are settings you can use depending on your camera that will allow you to control the freeze action of the shot.  Take a look at the best software for HDR photography in order to make sure you can optimize the picture as much as possible and just enhance the photos that you like the most. With the right software you can make the shot come to life.

Close up shots are great to frame and keep because you can perhaps take an emotional shot of your animal’s eyes or just its face. You can also include people to bring the shot to life a little more.  Funny enough it is said that in order to get the perfect shot of your animal you need to get on their level. In other words use a step ladder or something to stand on in order to be on the same level with your horse.  The best advice is not to use a flash because your horse might get spooked or close his eyes. To animals a flash is quite unnerving. A flash is also harsh and won’t give you the best out of the shot. Make sure you take a look at lighting tricks here for photography. Lighting is really important and can make or break your shot. Make sure you consider the color of your horse when deciding where to snap the picture so that you bring the focus to his beautiful shape and look. There are many ways to manipulate the background that can include adding features and other miscellaneous items.

What to Expect from Horseback Riding

Have you decided that you would like to take horseback riding lessons? You know that this is going to be a fun adventure for you. It does not matter whether you have serious plans of becoming an equestrian someday or you just want to try it out because you have never done it. You know that taking lessons can be a fun activity as long as you have a natural liking for horses.

When You Start Out

As you start out, you have to expect that you will be taught the fundamentals of horseback riding. It is best if you would be taught by someone who has vast knowledge about horseback riding. You also cannot expect that you will immediately know what to do. First, you have to be taught about the riding gear that you have to wear. At the same time, you need to know how you can get up and get down from the horse.

What to Expect from Horseback Riding

Some of the basic things that you will be required to know are about the following:

  • The clothes and equipment – Riding clothes and equipment will ensure your safety when you are riding a horse for the first time. You will be required to wear a helmet, pants that you can easily wear while you are riding and boots with 2 inch heels. There may be other riding equipment that will be required by your instructor.
  • Understand what the horse is wearing – The horse that you are going to ride will have a tack. The tack is composed of a saddle wherein you are going to sit and another saddle underneath in order to protect the horse’s back. A bridle will be placed on the horse’s head as well. If the horses you are planning to ride are not wearing these things, you have to refrain from riding.
  • Some basic terms about riding – There are some basic terms that you will have to learn about riding your horse. When you research about this, you will realize that you can understand your instructor’s directions easily.

It should be expected that riding a horse is different from riding a longboard. Even if you have already ridden a longboard before, this does not mean that you are going to become good at riding a horse immediately. Perhaps you can have the best of both worlds and get to know how to ride both. When it comes to longboarding, you can ride on your own though provided that you will check out the best longboard brands 2017. This will allow you to pick something from Top Sport Brands that can only offer quality items you can trust and use.

Being active in doing activities can be a good thing. The more that you make good use of your time, the more fulfilled that you are going to feel. It may be hard to ride the horse and the longboard in the beginning but the more that you make an effort, the better you …

Why people dress up for the races

I have always wondered why people dress up for the races and why hats are always extravagant and important. It turns out in the old days racing was known as the sport of kings. It is an expensive sport and most people that are involved have a lot of money. It is a known fact that along with prestige comes money and fashion plays a big part of status in this sport. In the old days women used to dress up rather elegantly and the races was known to be quite an outing. In those days men used to show their wealth by how their women used to dress which seems rather sexist but it was the way of the world. Click here to take a look at some of the vintage fashions at races.

Why people dress up for the races

If we look at today we find that it is still a loved and firm tradition to dress up on the racing scene and it is a tradition that needs to be kept. There are those that are considered as racing royalty, celebrities and ambassadors that arrive in their spruced up best. It is especially important to wear headwear that make a statement and that sets you apart from the rest. The races are a unique occasion that allows everyone the opportunity to be individual and bring forth their own style. Take a look at this bohemian look for inspiration to find the best bohemian outfit. This is a style that is timeless with soft and flowing materials that will just make you stand out at the races. If you find yourself attending the races for the first time make sure you invest in one extravagant piece for headwear. That is by far the most important investment for this occasion. You should consider the color of your hair when deciding which hat to buy so that colors don’t clash.

Dark hair with a dark hat will disappear in photographs so select something more colorful. This is a strange tradition but one that has been around for years and you really want to make your mark if you are attending this extravaganza. You should also take good care of the headwear that you purchase by keeping it stored in boxes and not just hung up. Keep the tissue paper and container that you got with your headwear and use it to store the piece. If you are not one for a full hat you could always invest in a beautiful headband with colorful detail. This is always a winner and won’t be as intrusive or obvious when you are attending your first race. You could always invest in an actual fascinator which is the real deal for the races. Click here to take a look at some very extravagant fascinators. Find inspiration in what the ladies have worn to the races in the past and make it modern with your own individual style. Only you can bring your own style to life at this occasion.

Look Your Best for the Next Horse Race

As a horsewoman you are probably mostly misunderstood, especially if you are a woman who loves to take good care of her personal appearance.  Most people who see a pretty face think that there is no way you can be tough enough to handle a rough horse race.  It is time for you and all the other female jockeys out there to put this gender stigma to rest by showing everyone that you can be pretty and tough at the same time.  Here are some great ways to jazz up your jockey look so you can shine on the next big horse race.

Look Your Best for the Next Horse Race

Pick your outfit carefully

The traditional look for horsewoman is usually a horse helmet, slim fit jacket or blouse, tan or white leggings and horse riding boots.  The look is incredibly sexy and elegant at the same time and there is no reason why you cannot adopt this personal style into your racing uniform.  By combining the traditional horsewoman look with the modern jockey attire you can look jaw dropping and be comfortable at the same time.

Do your hair

All horsemen, women, jockeys and horse riders should wear a helmet for their own personal safety.  Your horse can be as tame as a little lamb and still get a sudden fright which can lead to a terrible injury if you fall off.  Instead of worrying about helmet hair, you should seek out some stylish hair looks that will look great no matter how long you wear your helmet.

Do your makeup

You are probably going to be sweating a lot during the horse race but that doesn’t mean you cannot wear makeup.  Get yourself some waterproof makeup and do your makeup on your big horse race so you can look stylish for all of those winning photos.  A good makeup brush will enable you to apply makeup more evenly so you can look as natural as possible even though waterproof makeup is not your usual tool.  On Sound Body Life you can scout the best makeup brush sets currently on the market.  There are large sets for beauticians who are constantly doing a lot of makeup and smaller sets that are more suitable for the average woman and her own personal makeup needs.

Get your nails done

A good looking manicure is just what you need to style up before your big race.  With a great set of French acrylic nails you will look completely elegant and you will look fantastic even if you are all sweaty, windswept or even when you took a bad fall with your horse.

Give your horse a good wash

Horses are gorgeous animals but they can get dirty quite fast and their natural sweat can easily stain our clothes.  Give your horse a good bathe the morning before the big race so you can be cleaner and so your clothes will be kept smear free.  Your horse will also look a lot better and you will be much more likely …

The benefits of horseback riding

Everyone loves horses and secretly wish they had the opportunity to do horse riding. Parents also sometimes wonder if it is worth it to let their beloved children take part in this elegant but pricey sport. Every child wants a pony and the best gift we can give them is to let them take lessons and get good at horse riding. There are actually health benefits to this practice that very few people know about. It is a way to strengthen your core and enjoy one of the most relaxing and beautiful activities this world has to offer.

First of all as previously mentioned horseback riding is an isometric exercise and your core will be strengthened immensely. Your posture will gain from this. You will be able to work on your balance because you need to stay completely balanced on the back of a horse. It will become a bigger challenge as the horse moves faster which means cantering and galloping will be more difficult than a simple jog. It is important for the rider to stay coordinated with the horse’s movements. Click here for a few riding tips that will make your trot a bit easier.

The benefits of horseback riding

You will also develop muscle tone and flexibility thanks to horse riding. Your inner thighs and pelvic muscles will work hard during your ride because you would need to hold on somehow. During your ride your arms and shoulders will also get toned because of the communication with your horse. Depending on how fast you are going you could say that you are doing cardiovascular exercise. If you are interested in Sports Betting you might want to take a look at for a great online betting solution. You will be able to socially interact with other players and have a very private and comfortable gambling experience. You might also find enjoyment by trying the other games that are available for play.

Horseback riding is great for stress and mental confidence. Learning to communicate and coordinate with a majestic animal is quite empowering. You will find tranquility and calm in nature with one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet. There are riders that say riding grounds them and puts them in a position of being at one with nature and animals. You will find peace of mind with every ride and might even find it therapeutic to care and tend for your horse. Click here to learn more about grooming a horse. It is a process to get used to but once you have learnt to ride properly you won’t easily be able to give up your new favorite activity. The biggest physical exercise you can gain from a horse in your life is by doing stable work and taking care of your horse. It is hard work to take care of such a big animal and working in the barn. The most important thing to remember is to wear head gear to avoid injuries. It is said that 60% of …

The Greatest Blogs about Horses

Horses are incredible animals. It’s no wonder that you are particularly fond of them. In fact, it is even less surprising that you would want to read about them and perhaps even consider writing your own horse focused blog. We have done all the research to help you find the greatest blogs about horses. And, we can even give you a little heads up about starting your own horse blog.

Blogging and the Horse Lover

It would appear that everyone feels the need and desire to write. There are a number of people who jump right into the blogging arena without understanding proper grammar, or even acceptable English. So, if you are one of those, we would recommend you simply enjoy the blogs we will list later on in this piece.

However, if you can write, and you want to share about your horse, and other horse-related topics, we recommend you first learn how to monetize your blog. You can learn how to beat ad-blocker users, set up a WordPress site, and even learn the import of utilizing banner ads. This will enable you to create a blog that brings in the loot too. After all, horses are expensive! Take a look at the blogs included here as a means of getting some great ideas for your own.

The Greatest Blogs about Horses

5 Incredible Horse-Focused Blogs

Whatever your horse passion, there are blogs for you. You can learn everything you need to know about horses from the blogs found here. But, if you are looking for a briefer selection, an easier place to start, then just keep these 5 incredible horse-focused blogs in mind:

  1. Things I Learned From My Horse– The author suggests that horses deal with their world from elegant and straightforward positions. Because she teaches students to ride, she feels it is important to learn all she can from the horses she utilizes. She shares those tidbits of knowledge on this site.
  2. The Daily Feed- For Healthy Horses– If you are wondering how best to take care of your horse’s health, this site should help you out considerably. They claim to have a passion for nutrition that should accentuate your passion for horses.
  3. Horse Bliss– The author’s goal on this site revolves around the mastery of horsemanship. The post we landed on appears to be about allowing your horse to go without shoes. That is apparently a controversial issue. Maybe you will want to read about it.
  4. Turf Luck– If you are more into racing horses, this site might be for you. The site claims to include mountaineer musings, and race track reading. Seems like it is more of a gambling focused site, but we guess there are people who are into that.
  5. Flying Changes- The author suggests that she is a middle aged American living in Ireland. She has become a horse fanatic apparently, and her site has achieved the ten year anniversary mark. That’s got to be a good sign and probably makes