Quality Grooming Time With Your Horse!

For centuries horses have been portrayed as the majestic animals of all times. When vehicles were introduced, they made the horses to become a mere part of the story books, lives of prince and princesses in fairy tales. Nevertheless, the horse is one of the most loved animals around the world. Although they can be kept as a pet yet, they are costly, and they are high-maintenance.  However, you will find horse racing and polo a ubiquitous entertainment for upper-class.

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Quality Grooming Time With Your Horse!

Horse maintenance and grooming are very hard. If you are trying to convince your parents to buy horses, with the argument that you will take care of it, you are soon going to find out that you lied. It is ideal to get a horse and keep it in the stables and a caretaker that will manage all its needs. Still, if you would like to groom your horse, here are few tips that might be helpful for you:

  1. Getting Started:

Before starting anything, it is ideal to prepare everything that you need for grooming of your horse. Secure your horse in the desired spot and organize all your tools. Make sure you have it all with you before starting. You will find that you are enjoying your time with your horse, and your pet love to be groomed.

Moreover, you will find significant benefits in grooming your horse. You can check for injuries, sores, irritations, and other necessities. Bear in mind that grooming of your horse is vital and it is recommended to do every once in a while, especially before riding it.

  1. Clean The Hooves:

 Always remember to keep an eye on your horse’s hooves and clean them regularly. To clean the feet start with the forelegs and slide your hand down. Gently squeeze the back of the leg and call out to your horse to raise its legs as you have trained it. Clean through the hooves thoroughly with brushes or whatever tool you have. After you are done the cleaning, you must ensure to check for cracks, or any damage or allergies and work further accordingly. Gently put the leg down.

  1. Curry Your Horse:

Currying your horse is one of the things this animal love the most. Remember to start with the off side and use the specially designed comb to loosen the dirt on the coat. Use circular sweeps along the body and do not forget to use extra soft and sensitive touches to bony areas. Figure out if your horse likes to be touched on the belly and the tail area.

If not, then use a softer touch to make sure your pet is the least bothered. Horses will tell you by laying back their ears and wagging their tails if the contact is right for them or not. Moreover, it is ideal to use this time to assess any type of injury that can be cured.