Some Rare and Beautiful Horses in the World

You may already know by now that all horses in this world always manage to be beautiful and breathtaking. Some people who love horses report that they started loving horses the moment that they have seen them when they were still younger. Their love for horses now has become bigger and greater that it will be hard for them to not appreciate all the horses that they see.

Still, there are some horses that are just truly lovely to look at. It can be such a shame that even big tax refunds will not be enough for regular people to purchase these horses. Not to mention the fact that horses just cannot live anywhere like cats and dogs. Take a closer look at wonderful, rare and amazing looking horses that are just so great looking that you would surely want to care for one.

Some Rare and Beautiful Horses in the World

  1. German Black Forest Horse

At first glance, you may think that this is similar to all the other horses that you have seen so far but look at it again, you will see that its tail is longer than the usual tail of the horse. The hair is also very thick and it perfectly complements the hair of the horse from its head up to a short portion of its back.

  1. Blue Roan Gypsy Vanner Horse

Do you want to see a horse that you have never seen before? You will not get disappointed once you see this Blue Roan Gypsy Vanner Horse well known for its leg feathering. You can also tell if you are looking at this type of horse when the colouring of the horse is black and white but you will not see the colouring in spots. Rather, the horse would seem to have the colours blended well together.

  1. Golden Akhal Teke

The moment that you see this horse, you may not realize in the beginning that it is alive because when it is so still, it would seem like a horse statue situated in the middle of the field. The beauty of this horse breed relies heavily on its beautiful coat because it is so shiny especially when it is hit by the sun’s rays. This horse breed is also known as “The Golden Horse.”

  1. Appaloosa Crossbreed

This is a stunning mix that you would surely love to look at for a long period of time. This usually has a light colored coat, usually white or cream with black spots all over. This horse is highly unique and in order to pass on the way that this looks, it may need to be bred with other horses too.

  1. Chocolate Silver Dapple Pinto

You may be surprised with the way that this horse looks because looking at its coat will be like looking at the night sky with snowflakes all around. When this horse is well maintained, it will have a strong and sturdy looking body complemented well by white hair all especially on its tail.

These wonderful horse breeds are truly nice to look at and they may also be rare so seeing them in person can be a dream come true for various horse lovers all over the world.