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The Importance of Weight Management for Horseback Riding

Obesity is one of those conditions that just don’t mix with horseback riding, even though this discussion draws out a lot of controversies.  While it is important to consider feelings when whenever we discuss the very sensitive obesity issue it is the horses that need to do the heavy lifting in the end.  To be a good horse owner you need to do much more than just care for your horse.  You also need to care for yourself and manage your own weight.  Animal abuse is no joke and overloading a horse can definitely be seen as abuse since you can easily end up damaging your horse’s spine, knees, and hooves when the rider is just too heavy.  Horseback riding should be fun for both animal and rider and not just for the rider.

Yes, horseback riding can help you lose weight

Riding has many benefits in store for you and weight loss is one of those benefits.  You can ride for weight loss since the right posture and riding duration is great for reducing your weight.  It is, however, important to know that while horses can help you lose weight, your weight should still be bearable for the horse before you start riding.

Lose weight so you can ride – so you can lose more weight

If you are too heavy to start riding for weight loss then an alternative weight loss method should be used before you start out on riding.  Lose a few pounds until you are sure that your horse can carry your weight.  Running, jogging or walking are all superb workouts for quick weight loss and a must if you want to get into the saddle as quickly as possible.

Get a good treadmill

If you find it hard to make time for the gym or for running sessions then a treadmill is a great start.  Plenty of obese people dread treadmills because running is hardly an easy workout to start out on and running can have a huge impact on your knees and hips.  If you fear getting on a treadmill for running then a walking treadmill can be a great alternative.  Walking treadmills are a bit smaller than running treadmills, take up less space and is very easy to use.  These treadmills can be used for slow walk speeds and for speed walking, both of which are great for weight loss. The best part is that you can still enjoy other activities like watching TV while you shake those extra pounds and you can enjoy weight loss from the comfort of your home at convenient times.  On Exerciserig.com you can check out the best walking treadmills on the market at the most affordable prices.

With personal weight management, you and your horse can become better companions and enjoy your riding sessions without all the strain.  Riding sessions become much easier when you are fitter and you and your horse can start enjoying a greater variety of riding activities without putting …