Horseback Riding

The Importance of Weight Management for Horseback Riding

Obesity is one of those conditions that just don’t mix with horseback riding, even though this discussion draws out a lot of controversies.  While it is important to consider feelings when whenever we discuss the very sensitive obesity issue it is the horses that need to do the heavy lifting in the end.  To be a good horse owner you need to do much more than just care for your horse.  You also need to care for yourself and manage your own weight.  Animal abuse is no joke and overloading a horse can definitely be seen as abuse since you can easily end up damaging your horse’s spine, knees, and hooves when the rider is just too heavy.  Horseback riding should be fun for both animal and rider and not just for the rider.

Yes, horseback riding can help you lose weight

Riding has many benefits in store for you and weight loss is one of those benefits.  You can ride for weight loss since the right posture and riding duration is great for reducing your weight.  It is, however, important to know that while horses can help you lose weight, your weight should still be bearable for the horse before you start riding.

Lose weight so you can ride – so you can lose more weight

If you are too heavy to start riding for weight loss then an alternative weight loss method should be used before you start out on riding.  Lose a few pounds until you are sure that your horse can carry your weight.  Running, jogging or walking are all superb workouts for quick weight loss and a must if you want to get into the saddle as quickly as possible.

Get a good treadmill

If you find it hard to make time for the gym or for running sessions then a treadmill is a great start.  Plenty of obese people dread treadmills because running is hardly an easy workout to start out on and running can have a huge impact on your knees and hips.  If you fear getting on a treadmill for running then a walking treadmill can be a great alternative.  Walking treadmills are a bit smaller than running treadmills, take up less space and is very easy to use.  These treadmills can be used for slow walk speeds and for speed walking, both of which are great for weight loss. The best part is that you can still enjoy other activities like watching TV while you shake those extra pounds and you can enjoy weight loss from the comfort of your home at convenient times.  On you can check out the best walking treadmills on the market at the most affordable prices.

With personal weight management, you and your horse can become better companions and enjoy your riding sessions without all the strain.  Riding sessions become much easier when you are fitter and you and your horse can start enjoying a greater variety of riding activities without putting …

Top Benefits of Therapeutic Horseback Riding For Disabled

Horseback riding is one of the sports or hobbies with the most therapy benefits to disabled people.  Horse riding is one of the best ways to provide disabled people with freedom of movement.  For the short while on horseback they had complete control over where they are going, how fast they go and riding is an ultimate pleasure.  Therapy riding also has a lot of physical benefits, psychological benefits, social benefits and educational benefits to anyone that enjoys this activity.

Top Benefits of Therapeutic Horseback Riding For Disabled

Physical benefits of therapy riding

Horse riding involves a lot more exercise than you might think.  Your body is constantly working to maintain good balance and the rhythmical movement of horses simulates walking which is excellent for those with mobility problems.  Therapeutic riding includes a lot of physical benefits such as muscle strengthening, coordination improvement, stretching, spasticity exercises, improved circulation, sensory integration and even improved appetite and digestion. The therapy riding is excellent for overall physical health improvement.

Psychological benefits of therapy riding

Of course therapy riding also has a lot of psychological benefits to physically challenged individuals such as a boost in self-confidence, stimulated interest and engagement, higher risk taking abilities, self-discipline, emotional control and much more.  It is also great fun to ride a horse and it is the one physical activity that just about anyone with mobility problems can easily enjoy.

Social benefits of therapy riding

Therapy sessions can be enjoyed individually or in a group.  Group sessions is often much better for creating new friendships, for new experiences and for more enjoyment but individual sessions still has terrific social benefits because the rider learns to interact with the instructor, learns to be more aware of animal needs and the entire riding experience is terrific for boosting adventure interest.

Educational benefits of therapy riding

Therapy riding is extremely educational.  Riders learn a lot about animals; animal care and they also improve hand and eye coordination, visual perception and develop motor planning skills as well as math counting skills because most therapy instructors put a lot of focus on counting steps, objects and more during the rides so riders can get the maximum therapy benefit from each and every session.

The ultimate must have for anyone with mobility problems

Horseback riding is often considered as freedom to those that find it hard to move around on their own but these sessions are often short lived.  A good quality electric wheelchair is an absolute must for anyone with mobility issues because these terrific disability devices mean freedom even off the horse.  Electric wheelchairs make it possible for disabled people to move around freely on their own through a remote control.  This is especially handy to those that find it difficult to operate a normal manual wheelchair although plenty of paraplegics benefit a lot from electric wheelchairs because they can move around more freely without constantly feeling strained and these wheelchairs are excellent for taking on long distances without getting too tired.

Benefits of Horseback Riding

You might be one of those guys that sits in the office the whole day, trying to boost your office performance. The truth of the matter is that you need to step out regularly to exercise. While exercising, you might want to do something that is fun, something that you’ll totally enjoy doing while exercising. That is why in this article, we are going to focus on horse riding. Horseback riding is important for core muscles (the abdominal, back, and pelvic muscles), which are meant to keep the trunk stable. One secret with horse riding is that the more that you ride, the more that your body learns to move with the horse. Below are the benefits of horseback riding:

Benefits of Horseback Riding

Core Strength

Being an isometric exercise, horse riding uses certain muscles when in certain positions so as to maintain balance on the horse. This boosts postural strength, which are basically the core muscles.

Balance and Coordination

As you ride the horse faster, keeping your balance on the horse becomes a challenge. It becomes an even bigger challenge when you canter, gallop or jump. This means that you’ll have to develop coordination skills to help your body and the horse in sync.

Muscle Tone and Flexibility

We had mentioned the core muscles earlier, but the inner thighs and pelvic muscles are also worked out during horseback riding.  This means that the muscles are kept well-toned and flexible. The arms and shoulders also work out since they are the ones that handle the saddle.

Cardiovascular Exercise

There are instances where you require more effort, energy, and cardiovascular capacity during horseback riding, depending on how you’re riding.

Mental exercise

Horse riding comes with mental benefits such as confidence. You get to learn more about yourself with experience on the horse.

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Common injuries in horseback riding

Horse riding injuries are a common occurrence, whether you’re a learner or a professional. They are mostly caused by riding, although they could also be caused by riding for too long. These injuries could lead one off a horse and onto a wheelchair, and that is the reason why it is very important for people to be very careful when on horseback. In this article, we are going to look at some of the common injuries in horseback riding, some of which might land you in a wheelchair. Remember, a horse is a horse, and there isn’t a safe one, although some are safer than others.

The upper extremities are the highest, coming with 24% to 61% of injuries, while the lower extremities come second with a frequency of 36% to 40%. The head and the face also get horse injuries at a frequency of 20%. Soft tissue injuries are the most common injuries, coming in with a ratio of 92:1, while fractures come in next with a ratio of 57:3. In the most common types of injuries, concussions come in third with a ratio of 63:2.

When it comes to hospitalization, the most frequent cause is concussion, followed closely by fractures. Injury to the central nervous system is the most common injury, occurring mostly at an age of less than 21 years. According to studies, though, injuries amongst the younger people has decreased, instead shifting to those in the age of 24 years and above. The same report says that more women are injured than men, but when they get to the age of 44 years, the men take over. When it comes to deaths, head injuries lead as the main cause, followed by chest injuries. In order for us to prevent these accidents and injuries from happening, we need to use knowledge that was gotten from previous horse studies.

Best rated electric power wheelchairs 2017

In the event that you actually get injured and require a wheelchair, we are going to review some of the electric wheelchairs that you can use as you recuperate.

EZ Lite Cruiser Standard

Manufactured from long lasting lightweight aluminum alloy, weighing 50 pounds with the battery, the EZ Lite Cruiser Standard wheelchair is able to carry a passenger weighing 264 pounds. It comes with 250 Watt Brushless HUB motors that power the 8″ rear rubber wheels for superb traction. When the battery is fully charged, this wheelchair can go for 10 miles driving distance. To add to the distance, you can attach another battery. The joystick can be mounted on wither arm rest.


  • Simple set-up
  • Transportable
  • Easy to clean
  • Excellent customer service


  • Unsuitable for grass and gravel
  • Wheels do wear over time

EZ Lite Cruiser Deluxe DX10

This is the excellent wheelchair for comfort and back support, and even has 5 reclining positions for the user to choose from. When fully charged, the battery can drive for 10 miles with the 7.5″ diameter and 2″ wide caster front wheels, and …

What to Expect from Horseback Riding

Have you decided that you would like to take horseback riding lessons? You know that this is going to be a fun adventure for you. It does not matter whether you have serious plans of becoming an equestrian someday or you just want to try it out because you have never done it. You know that taking lessons can be a fun activity as long as you have a natural liking for horses.

When You Start Out

As you start out, you have to expect that you will be taught the fundamentals of horseback riding. It is best if you would be taught by someone who has vast knowledge about horseback riding. You also cannot expect that you will immediately know what to do. First, you have to be taught about the riding gear that you have to wear. At the same time, you need to know how you can get up and get down from the horse.

What to Expect from Horseback Riding

Some of the basic things that you will be required to know are about the following:

  • The clothes and equipment – Riding clothes and equipment will ensure your safety when you are riding a horse for the first time. You will be required to wear a helmet, pants that you can easily wear while you are riding and boots with 2 inch heels. There may be other riding equipment that will be required by your instructor.
  • Understand what the horse is wearing – The horse that you are going to ride will have a tack. The tack is composed of a saddle wherein you are going to sit and another saddle underneath in order to protect the horse’s back. A bridle will be placed on the horse’s head as well. If the horses you are planning to ride are not wearing these things, you have to refrain from riding.
  • Some basic terms about riding – There are some basic terms that you will have to learn about riding your horse. When you research about this, you will realize that you can understand your instructor’s directions easily.

It should be expected that riding a horse is different from riding a longboard. Even if you have already ridden a longboard before, this does not mean that you are going to become good at riding a horse immediately. Perhaps you can have the best of both worlds and get to know how to ride both. When it comes to longboarding, you can ride on your own though provided that you will check out the best longboard brands 2017. This will allow you to pick something from Top Sport Brands that can only offer quality items you can trust and use.

Being active in doing activities can be a good thing. The more that you make good use of your time, the more fulfilled that you are going to feel. It may be hard to ride the horse and the longboard in the beginning but the more that you make an effort, the better you …

The benefits of horseback riding

Everyone loves horses and secretly wish they had the opportunity to do horse riding. Parents also sometimes wonder if it is worth it to let their beloved children take part in this elegant but pricey sport. Every child wants a pony and the best gift we can give them is to let them take lessons and get good at horse riding. There are actually health benefits to this practice that very few people know about. It is a way to strengthen your core and enjoy one of the most relaxing and beautiful activities this world has to offer.

First of all as previously mentioned horseback riding is an isometric exercise and your core will be strengthened immensely. Your posture will gain from this. You will be able to work on your balance because you need to stay completely balanced on the back of a horse. It will become a bigger challenge as the horse moves faster which means cantering and galloping will be more difficult than a simple jog. It is important for the rider to stay coordinated with the horse’s movements. Click here for a few riding tips that will make your trot a bit easier.

The benefits of horseback riding

You will also develop muscle tone and flexibility thanks to horse riding. Your inner thighs and pelvic muscles will work hard during your ride because you would need to hold on somehow. During your ride your arms and shoulders will also get toned because of the communication with your horse. Depending on how fast you are going you could say that you are doing cardiovascular exercise. If you are interested in Sports Betting you might want to take a look at for a great online betting solution. You will be able to socially interact with other players and have a very private and comfortable gambling experience. You might also find enjoyment by trying the other games that are available for play.

Horseback riding is great for stress and mental confidence. Learning to communicate and coordinate with a majestic animal is quite empowering. You will find tranquility and calm in nature with one of the most beautiful creatures on this planet. There are riders that say riding grounds them and puts them in a position of being at one with nature and animals. You will find peace of mind with every ride and might even find it therapeutic to care and tend for your horse. Click here to learn more about grooming a horse. It is a process to get used to but once you have learnt to ride properly you won’t easily be able to give up your new favorite activity. The biggest physical exercise you can gain from a horse in your life is by doing stable work and taking care of your horse. It is hard work to take care of such a big animal and working in the barn. The most important thing to remember is to wear head gear to avoid injuries. It is said that 60% of …