Ranch Style Home

Must-Haves for a Ranch-Style Home

If you have a passion for horses then you probably have a passion for the all popular ranch-style or equestrian home styles whether you have your own ranch or not.  Ranch inspired homes are very trendy all over the world right now and even city horse lovers are starting to convert their modern homes to a country like home with a touch of ranch and horse themes.

Here are a few must-haves for a ranch-style home that will help you bring your love for horses home and into your everyday life.

Plenty of natural wood

An easy way to incorporate that ranch vibe is by using wood all over your house.  Hardwood floors, wooden ceilings, a timber coffee table and rough wood counter tables are all great ways to create that ranch and outdoor look in your home.

Rock wall cladding

Rock wall cladding is very popular in modern styles but by installing these wall coverings you also give your home a more natural feel.  That rocky vibe also reminds of the rocky valleys and mountains and is a perfect way to create an outdoorsy ranch look.

Open plan

Ranches are big, open and wide.  Naturally, your home design should also be open and wide and that is why an open plan kitchen and living room is the perfect trend for a ranch style home.

Galvanized steel buckets as pots

Used galvanized steel buckets as flower pots in your home or on your porch.  This will instantly give your home a farm or ranch vibe.

Windmill wall décor

Windmill wall décor is mostly used in the farm style look but it can also be a very easy and very beautiful way to create a ranch vibe for your home.

Recycled pallets

A recycled pallet naturally has that rustic and natural feel and look.  The texture of recycled pallet furniture is perfect for your ranch style home.

Horseshoe décor

Use horseshoes in decorative items such as coat racks and wall décor so you can bring that love of horses into your home.

Horse paintings

Of course, you need a couple of humungous horse paintings to cover those plain walls and to make the look you are aiming for painfully obvious.

Nguni hide rug

Most ranches are stocked with cattle and not just horses.  A genuine Nguni hide rug will look fantastic on your hardwood floors and will bring that country vibe into the house.

Kitchen table

In the ranch life people are pretty big on two things; sturdy breakfasts and family dinners.  A good kitchen table is a great investment in bringing the family together and for mimicking the calm ranch life.

Insurance is a must

Most ranch style décor items are pretty expensive.  While you are upgrading your home you should also upgrade your homeowners insurance florida to a company that is worth its salt.  With good insurance, you can be sure that your new home modifications will be covered and you will get covered should the …