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Significant Tips to Start A Horse Riding Business

A long time ago, horses were cheaper than cars and horse carts were the ultimate mode of transportation. Horses have done a full 180 degrees turn wherein; now they are much more expensive to buy as well as maintain. However, the more valuable the horses are, the more you can charge to rent them out for riding or other sports. In the U.S. alone, 9 million horses are kept for sport or recreation purposes. You, too, can benefit from these horses by investing in a horse riding stable or business.

Although for the inexperienced, it seems difficult to maintain horses and to train them, it is not impossible. With proper management and planning, you can easily take your horse riding business to great heights.

Here are a few points to look for when starting your horse riding business:

Hire an Experienced Staff:

Experience is what matters the most when it comes to dealing with horses. Horses can be a bit stubborn with new folks so, it is necessary to have some experienced staff onboard with you. Even if you, as an owner, do not have much experience with horses, it is essential that you hire staff that does. A riding instructor can not only help your horses but your customers as well. An experienced barn manager and support staff that can look after all the needs of the horses and ensure they are healthy and happy.

Acquire Facility and Equipment:

Acquiring an already built facility is easy and preferred. However, you can also start building one from scratch to provide the type of services you wish. Any riding stable must have an arena for customers to practice their riding. These areas may be covered or not covered. Other areas of the facility include jump tracks, pens, and trails. Of course, a barn with stalls is necessary. Apart from that, a feed room, tack room, offices and a paddock need to be established as well.

The necessary equipment includes brushes, blankets, water troughs, food pockets, saddles and full riding gear,

Make Connections:

It is necessary to partner with a local veterinary service to provide your horses with the best health care for your horses. You can include connections with a farrier as well. You can provide several benefits to these services, and they can serve you on discount. It is essential to find reliable suppliers of hay, grain, and bedding.

Advertise Your Business:

No business can go far without proper advertisements and marketing. There can be several ways to do so. You can put out an ad in the local newspaper. You can have flyers distributed at popular locations such as a mall or a parking place. Further, if you have some extra budget, you can have a televised advertisement play on your local news channel.

Social Media is one of the biggest platforms to boost your business. A Facebook page can help you take your business to new heights. You can even advertise your Facebook page for …