The Greatest Blogs about Horses

Horses are incredible animals. It’s no wonder that you are particularly fond of them. In fact, it is even less surprising that you would want to read about them and perhaps even consider writing your own horse focused blog. We have done all the research to help you find the greatest blogs about horses. And, we can even give you a little heads up about starting your own horse blog.

Blogging and the Horse Lover

It would appear that everyone feels the need and desire to write. There are a number of people who jump right into the blogging arena without understanding proper grammar, or even acceptable English. So, if you are one of those, we would recommend you simply enjoy the blogs we will list later on in this piece.

However, if you can write, and you want to share about your horse, and other horse-related topics, we recommend you first learn how to monetize your blog. You can learn how to beat ad-blocker users, set up a WordPress site, and even learn the import of utilizing banner ads. This will enable you to create a blog that brings in the loot too. After all, horses are expensive! Take a look at the blogs included here as a means of getting some great ideas for your own.

The Greatest Blogs about Horses

5 Incredible Horse-Focused Blogs

Whatever your horse passion, there are blogs for you. You can learn everything you need to know about horses from the blogs found here. But, if you are looking for a briefer selection, an easier place to start, then just keep these 5 incredible horse-focused blogs in mind:

  1. Things I Learned From My Horse– The author suggests that horses deal with their world from elegant and straightforward positions. Because she teaches students to ride, she feels it is important to learn all she can from the horses she utilizes. She shares those tidbits of knowledge on this site.
  2. The Daily Feed- For Healthy Horses– If you are wondering how best to take care of your horse’s health, this site should help you out considerably. They claim to have a passion for nutrition that should accentuate your passion for horses.
  3. Horse Bliss– The author’s goal on this site revolves around the mastery of horsemanship. The post we landed on appears to be about allowing your horse to go without shoes. That is apparently a controversial issue. Maybe you will want to read about it.
  4. Turf Luck– If you are more into racing horses, this site might be for you. The site claims to include mountaineer musings, and race track reading. Seems like it is more of a gambling focused site, but we guess there are people who are into that.
  5. Flying Changes- The author suggests that she is a middle aged American living in Ireland. She has become a horse fanatic apparently, and her site has achieved the ten year anniversary mark. That’s got to be a good sign and probably makes this site worth the visit.

You now have five blogs, about five different aspects of horses and their care, to take a look at before you start your own. Do not negate the import of monetizing it, or else you will soon understand the meaning behind, “starving artist.” Which, by the way, here is a great site that includes horse art, just to add to your studies.